Teddy's Story

Vaccine Titers

Tests for antibody levels to distemper and parvo in dogs and panleukopenia (Feline distemper) in cats. 
​These levels tell if your pet is protected against these diseases. Rabies titer testing is also available.

Therapeutic Laser (MR4ActiVet)

This laser delivers light energy deep into tissues in a comfortable way and helps improve energy production at the cellular level. It helps with pain, inflammation, and speeds healing and is useful for a wide range of problems including arthritis, disc disease, skin conditions, soft tissue injuries, and gingivitis/stomatitis. Some pets prefer acupuncture with the laser instead of needles.


VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation)

This is a form of chiropractic involving an activator device to relieve subluxations of the spine causing impingement on nerves.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants.  They are highly concentrated, more potent then herbs, and are composed of many different chemicals. They are easily absorbed from the skin and travel quickly through the body where they increase uptake of oxygen and nutrients in the cells. They are spiritually and emotionally uplifting. They have been used for thousands of years.  I use only Young Living Essential Oils which have high standards for purity. 

Chinese Herbs

Classic formulas and modern modifications are available that treat a variety of disorders.  They have much fewer side effects than medications and can be more effective in some cases.  They are compatible with many medications.


Acupuncture treatments involve inserting very fine, painless needles into points in the body that stimulate endorphins and other chemical mediators in the body.  This helps with pain, inflammation, and balancing the immune system.  It is useful in a variety of disorders including arthritis, inter-vertebral disc disease and paralysis, tendonitis, GI disorders, liver and kidney disease, behavior issues, and maintaining appetite and energy in cancer patients.​​


Grace's Story


  Video of Acupuncture at the Chi Institute


Dr. Wendy Rodrigues has been a wonderful help to my beagle, Grace.

Grace is a rescue beagle who seemed fine when we first got her, but after a few months developed mysterious lesions all over the outside and inside of her body.  She was in terrible pain and we tried everything from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic.  She stopped walking and playing and her teeth chattered in pain.

As a last chance effort I found Dr. Wendy Rodrigues and through her both traditional and holistic approaches, we were able to bring Grace back to good health, and it was nothing short of a miracle.  Grace got once a month acupuncture treatments and we regulated her diet to test allergies, and day by day our dog got better. Twice Grace was to be put down as she was in so much pain, and today you would not know that anything was wrong with her, and I credit Dr. Wendy Rodrigues with her intuitive treatment of Grace's condition.  Grace loves Dr. Wendy and we love that she is available and convenient to us.


​Todd E.  Mountainside, NJ


My 7 year old Lhasa Apso was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 years ago. They weren't sure if it was congenital or from an infection.  He seemed to be ok but his kidney values were elevated.  We started him on probiotics, an antioxidant juice, and some herbs. A few months later he had a bout of vomiting and diarrhea.  We were worried it was his kidneys.  His kidney values turned out to be lower than they had been.  He recovered and now runs around like a puppy.

Lynn R. Springfield, NJ

Lab work 

Routine tests such as CBC’s(complete blood count), chemistry profiles, urinalysis, heartworm and Lyme testing, and fecals.  Many other tests such as cardiac enzymes and a cancer screening test are available.