Vaccine Titers

Tests for antibody levels to distemper and parvo in dogs and panleukopenia (Feline distemper) in cats. ​These levels tell if your pet is protected against these diseases. Rabies titer testing is also available. I also have mercury free Rabies vaccine.

Therapeutic Laser (MR4ActiVet)

This laser delivers light energy deep into tissues in a comfortable way and helps improve energy production at the cellular level. It helps with pain, inflammation, and speeds healing and is useful for a wide range of problems including arthritis, disc disease, skin conditions, and soft tissue injuries. Some pets prefer acupuncture with the laser instead of needles.

Chinese Herbs

Classic formulas and modern modifications are available that treat a variety of disorders.  They have much fewer side effects than medications and can be more effective in some cases.  They are compatible with many medications.


Acupuncture treatments involve inserting very fine, painless needles into points in the body that stimulate endorphins and other chemical mediators in the body.  This helps with pain, inflammation, and balancing the immune system.  It is useful in a variety of disorders including arthritis, inter-vertebral disc disease and paralysis, tendonitis, GI disorders, liver and kidney disease, behavior issues, and maintaining appetite and energy in cancer patients.​​ Laser acupuncture is popular with my cat and small dog patients or when the points are very tender. 




Lab work 

Routine tests such as CBC’s(complete blood count), chemistry profiles, urinalysis, heartworm and Lyme testing, and fecals.  Many other tests such as cardiac enzymes and a cancer screening test are available.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET):

IET is a gentle energy technique that releases your pet’s physical and emotional energetic blockages and imprints positive energy. These blockages occur from events in their lives such as past trauma or mistreatment, problems in the home, or not being able to engage in normal behavior for their species and breed. In addition, they empathically take on our problems and stress. They can clear it by activity or rest unless there is too much. Their purpose is companionship, healing, and teaching. We can help them by understanding their emotional needs and working to mange our own stress.  IET is also available for  

Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants.  They are highly concentrated, more potent then herbs, and are composed of many different chemicals. They are easily absorbed from the skin and travel quickly through the body where they increase uptake of oxygen and nutrients in the cells. They are spiritually and emotionally uplifting. They have been used for thousands of years.  I use only Young Living Essential Oils which have high standards for purity. 

  Video of Acupuncture at the Chi Institute