I spent my early childhood in Japan and Hong Kong but West Orange, NJ was always my home.  My family returned to New Jersey in 1976.  I received a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987 and a veterinary degree from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992.

I soon became frustrated with a lack of safe and effective treatment options for chronic conditions in people and pets.  At the same time, I was having my own health issues—mainly allergies and sinus problems.  A personal, positive response to acupuncture and essential oils convinced me I needed to offer the same approach to animals.

 In 2001, I completed a course in veterinary acupuncture at Tufts and earned my certification in veterinary acupuncture through IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) in 2003. This started my journey to learn veterinary holistic therapies. I spent 3 years working at a holistic clinic in Yardley, PA.  I studied Chinese herbs at the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL, and expanded my use of Young Living Essential Oils on myself and animals. Recently I added IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) to my tool bag.

Over time, my own health continued to decline.  In the last few years I discovered that many of my ailments were due to chronic Lyme disease and co-infections. I believe I was misdiagnosed in 1992 when I had a swollen knee. My first holistic diagnosis was candida.  When I eventually adopted a modified Paleo diet, it didn’t solve my problems. The worst symptoms I had were cognitive problems, memory, and fatigue. It became difficult to work. There was some intermittent pain, but nothing unusual. I was very lucky to finally get help.

One of my clients, a therapist, had experience dealing with Lyme.  She suspected Lyme when I had problems with IV antibiotics for complications from ankle surgery. She thought I was herxing from killing Lyme bacteria. Also, she had met me years before and saw a difference.  She knew practitioners who could help and where to get tested, not locally but through Igenex lab. Since my brain was so foggy, it took a while for her to convince me.  My lab results from Igenex came back positive for Lyme and Anaplasma.  https://iladef.org/education/lyme-disease-faq/ Since diagnosis I have treated my Lyme naturally.  I’m much improved now, although at high risk for reinfection because I love the outdoors and I live in the country.

I lived in Warren, NJ for 20 years. In 2017 I moved to Readington (Flemington address) with my husband and 4 cats. Now there are 3 as one died of cancer in May 2018.  We just added our 1st rescue dog.

We are close to many farms. I love buying organic food locally. My favorite activities are kayaking on the D&R canal, cross-country skiing locally, and walking in the woods.  Sadly, I haven’t enjoyed any of these activities in recent years, but I plan to get back to them. I love knitting, especially for charity.  My current project is knitting hats and scarves for the Hunterdon County food bank with a knitting group at the county library.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Modeling his hand knit sweater . 

    My Nephew's Dog

My Pets

Visiting Holistic Veterinary Care of NJ features convenient home visits to minimize stress on you and your pets.  Together we will create a holistic or integrative plan to address your pet’s health concerns.

For an initial consult, your pet receives a complete exam ,energy work, and acupuncture when it would be useful.  We review the medical history, medications, supplements, diet, and any behavior issues. 


If your pet is on conventional medications, we would continue them. Some pets will be able to decrease or discontinue their medications eventually. Some medications require monitoring during treatment as in diabetes to prevent low blood sugar. Most holistic therapies  are compatible with conventional medications.  Holistic therapies often take longer to work but they repair damage rather than suppress the disease. Often the disease process is so advanced that treatment is chronic. Some pets will benefit from a combination of holistic therapies and conventional medications to maximize their comfort.

There are many choices available to customize treatment to each pet's individual needs. The owner's resources are considered as well. Most pets use some combination of therapies including some dietary changes. This approach is designed to improve health, prevent further disease, and promote good health so you have the benefit of your pet’​​s companionship for as long as possible. 

Visiting Holistic Veterinary Care of NJ

 About Wendy Rodrigues, DVM